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Just Desserts: The Complete Waitresses

Available Since Sept 24th 2013
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I have listed a few of the topics that I would like a bit of help with - if you think you can be of assistance please visit this page. Thank you to everyone that has written to me so far with information and annecdotes, I do try to get back to everyone, many people rank the band as their favourite ever. Don't forget to sign the guest book so that we can all know who we are! Or click here to read the guestbook.


Why a Waitresses site?
I put this site together as soon as I realised that such a site didn't exist back in early 1997 (that means it's over fifteen years old and I didn't even throw it a party!). When I trawled around the Internet for further information to include in the site I was both cheered and saddened. Cheered becauses messages left around the place suggested that many people are still playing the Waitresses (not just at xmas!) and they are being discovered by new listeners. Saddened because it was during my trawl that I learned of the then recent death of Patty Donahue to whose memory I would like to dedicate this site. Since the inception of the site I have been very pleasantly surprised by the popularity of the guest book and the nature of many of the comments - it seems that being a Waitresses fan is for life.... not just for Christmas!
Thank you to all the people that have helped this site develop from a lot of information that I had on my bookshelves and record racks to what it is today with a special mention to Chris Butler who has been supportive from the start.
Email Me
If you have any more information to include on this site then please contact me at waitresses@hardcafe.co.uk. Please forgive the punny nature of the email address as it was only as I typed it that I realised how appropriate it is that an internet cafe should host such a site as this.