The Line Up

There were a number of personnel changes over the years, I have listed the "classic" line-up first although interestingly it appears that they never actually managed to record a whole album together. It is however the line-up that appears on the back of "Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful?" When I have bit more time I will endeavour to link members to tracks recorded - watch this space!

Clicking on the button next to any of the musicians will give you more details. (I'll be increasing this when time permits or when I get more information)

Classic Line-up:

  • Chris Butler - Guitars
  • Patty Donahue - Vocals
  • Mars Williams - Sax
  • Dan Klayman - Keyboards
  • Tracy Wormworth - Bass
  • Billy Ficca - Drums

The other creditted members:

  • Nappy Lemans - Drums
  • Stuart Austin - Drums
  • Ron Nelson - Sax
  • Mark Jendrisak - Bass
  • Paul Teagle - Keyboards, Synths
  • Bob Ethington - Drums
  • Laura Ruth - Vocals
  • Becky Price - Vocals
  • Ariel Warner - Backing Vocals
  • David Hofstra - Bass
  • Don Christensen - Drums
  • Ralph Carney - Sax
  • Rick Dailey - Piano
  • Holly Beth Vincent - Vocals
  • Patty Darling - Vocals (This is actually Patty Donahue)