Chris Butler

The first widely distributed recordings made by Chris Butler were during the mid seventies with Tin Huey. It was during the life of Tin Huey that the Waitresses (as a real band) was conceived.
Unusually, Butler wrote the Waitresses songs from the woman's perspective he described the songs as funny and stupid and cool and different.

Since the demise of the Waitresses, Butler has been involved in a number of projects.

Shortly after the Waitresses, Butler produced a never released 4 track EP during 1983 for Carsickness.

Butler produced Freedy Johnston's 1989 LP The Trouble Tree and played Guitar on a couple of tracks.

Chris Butler has also been involved in production work, including the Marys

Butler has not been quiet as far as solo material is concerned either. Interestingly he is managing to make experimental music whilst very much retaining his obvious pop sensibility. Perhaps using very old recording equipment should not be considered experimental but its merging with 90's technology makes for a unique experience.

Butler's latest record is a world record - what most would determine an album, the CD The Devil Glitch has been declared (at 69 minutes) as the worlds longest single. It features a number of guest players, notably Mars Williams from the Waitresses and Liam Sternberg who was amongst the crowd from Akron in the early days but who went on to produce Rachel Sweet and Jane Aire but is probably best known for writing "Walk Like an Egyptian" for The Bangles. The LP is a fascinating work, it is basically one repeated theme, with the Butler singing the same couple of lines over and over again but with subtle, not to say thought provoking and witty changes. The main changes that occur through the album is the background "texture" that is provided by the disparate musicians already mentioned as well as Chris's mother! What results is an almost hypnotising hour of entertainment and thought that you fell you want to return to again and again.

The most recent CD, "I Feel a Bit Normal Today" is a far more "traditional" rock CD which will appeal to many Waitresses fans.

Chris can currently be heard praising the pop band Kilopop! who have recently released their "Best of" CD on Future Fossil records. Now is your chance to get those hardtofind favourites together on one CD - if you're a Waitresses fan you are sure to want this collection. Get it here.

Recently, in addition to his solo work, Chris has been playing the drums in Richard Lloyds current band.

Some solo albums are now available for download from eMusic.

You can now Read Chris Butler's Blog here.

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Own Web - Chris Butler has his own web site. All the latest info on solo work including how to get hold of the CDs Buy his new stuff from here!