Help Required

I know that I need assistance in the following areas:-

  1. Towards the end of 2005 I was sent an MP3 of an "answer" song to Christmas Wrapping. Within days I had my laptop stolen and have neither the MP3 or the artist - did the song ever get released?
  2. Scanned pictures of the band.
  3. Scanned Sleeves of singles.
  4. Is the Discography complete? - I think not.
  5. It's not too hard to find out recent info on band members, but what have they been doing in the last 10 years?
  6. I would like details of tours around the world.
  7. On a very personal note, I saw The Waitresses only once, in London, on 21st April 1982, at the now closed Venue in Victoria, the gig was filmed by an independent, but well known, television production company (I think it was Trident or something like that) well, does anyone have a copy of the tape that they can give me or lend me? (I can handle PAL or NTSC).

Thanks for all the help (and interest) I've received already - when I get time I'll try and credit some of you.

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