The Songs


Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful? (Polydor 1063 UK - polydor 6346 US) (1982)
  1. No Guilt
  2. Wise up 
  3. Quit
  4. It's My Car
  5. Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful? 
  6. I Know What Boys like
  7. Heat Night 
  8. Redland
  9. Pussy Strut
  10. Go On
  11. Jimmy Tomorrow
Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful (Sleeve)

Bruiseology (Polydor POLD 5080) (May 1983)
  1. A Girl's Gotta do 
  2. Make the Weather 
  3. Everythings Wrong If My Hair Is Wrong
  4. Luxury
  5. Open City
  6. Thinking about Sex Again
  7. Bruiseology
  8. Pleasure
  9. Spin
  10. They're all out of Liquor, Let's find Another Party
Note: a promotional DJ only version of this LP was pressed in purple vinyl (polydor 810 980-1)
Bruiseology (Sleeve)

The Best of The Waitresses (Polydor 847 249-2) (October 1990) 
  1. No Guilt
  2. I know what boys like
  3. Wise up 
  4. Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful? 
  5. Heat Night 
  6. Jimmy Tomorrow 
  7. Christmas Wrapping (lyrics)
  8. Bread and Butter
  9. Square Pegs
  10. The Smartest Person I know 
  11. A Girl's Gotta do 
  12. Make the Weather 
  13. Thinking about Sex Again
  14. Bruiseology
  15. They're all out of Liquor, Let's find Another Party 
Best Of The Waitresses (Sleeve)

The Waitresses In Concert (King Biscuit)(April 1997)
  1. Intro 
  2. Quit 
  3. No Guilt 
  4. Wise Up 
  5. I Could Rule The World If I Could Only Get The Parts 
  6. I Know What Boys Like 
  7. Pussy Strut 
  8. Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful? 
  9. Go On 
  10. It's My Car 
  11. Heat Night 
  12. Christmas Wrapping 

20th Century Masters - TheBest Of The Waitresses - The Millenium Collection (released 18th March 2003)
  1. No Guilt
  2. I Know What Boys Like
  3. Wise Up
  4. Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful?
  5. Heat Night
  6. Christmas Wrapping
  7. Bread And Butter
  8. Square Pegs
  9. A Girl's Gotta Do
  10. Make The Weather
  11. Thinking About Sex Again
  12. Bruiseology

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  1. The Comb - from the Stiff Records' Akron Compilation
  2. Bruiselology   (vocal: Tracy Wormworth)  - unreleased
  3. Astronettes - from another Akron compilation (Bowling Balls II)
  4. Heat Night - Tin Huey's version/pre-Waitresses - unreleased
  5. The Comb - live at JB's in Kent, OH w/ Tin Huey backing up Patty & Chris
  6. Hangover 1/1/83 - B-side to the UK "Christmas Wrapping" single
  7. Wise Up - original 4 Track demo
  8. Wise Up - Tin Huey's version/pre-Waitresses
  9. Luxury- rehearsal tape
  10. Clones - first single
  11. Slide - first single
  12. Wait Here I'll Be Right Back (aka I Know What Boys Like) - 4 Track demo
  13. Wait Here I'll Be Right Back - 2nd demo
  14. Square Pegs 1:30 version - original LA recording of the theme - unreleased
  15. Square Pegs 1:00 version - original LA recording of the theme - unreleased
  16. Quit /No Guilt/WiseUp - Live (the first three tunes from The Waitresses’ first ever ‘official’ live gig)

These tracks are only available only as streaming downloads from archived WMFU radio shows.


in "Short Stack" (Clone CL-006) (1978) (US)-
    a. Clones
    b. Slide
I Know What Boys Like/No Guilt (Ze/Antilles ANS-4504) (Feb 1982) (UK) l

I Know What Boys Like/It's My Car (Ze/Polydor PD 2196) (1980) (UK)

Christmas Wrapping/Christmas Fever (by Charlélie Couture) (lyrics)

Christmas Wrapping/Hang Over 1.1.83 ((Ze/Island WIP 6821) (Dec 1983)

also released on 12" 12WIP6821 with a long version of Christmas Wrapping

Make The Weather/Bread and Butter (Polydor POSP 582) (May 1983)

Square Pegs/Smartest Person I Know (Polydor PD 2225) (This seems to be a promo only release)

Bruiseology/Make the Weather 12" promo only release (Polydor 203)

EPs/Maxi Singles

I Could Rule the World If I Could Only Get the Parts (Polydor PX-1-507) (1983) (US)

  1. Christmas Wrapping
  2. Square Pegs
  3. Bread and Butter
  4. The Smartest Person I Know
  5. I Could Rule The World If I Only Had The Parts

Bread & Butter - Club DJ only release with Extended Remix (6:46) and Dub Mix (7:02) mixed by John Luongo 12" (Not sure what other tracks - if any - are on this) (1983 US)
Make The Weather (May 1983) (UK) (Polydor POSPX 582)(Lyrics)
  1. Make The Weather
  2. Bread And Butter
  3. Square Pegs
  4. The Smartest Person I Know
Make the Weather (12 Sleeve)

Compilation Albums

Bowling Balls from Hell (1980)(US) (Clone 011)

Wait Here I'll be right back... (Son of Comb)

Bowling Balls II (1981) (US) (Clone CL013)
Bowling Balls II (Sleeve)

The Akron Compilation (July 1978) (UK) (Stiff GET3) (This one came complete with a very novel scratch'n'sniff sleeve - Just Scratch the tyre and smell rubber - mine still works after over 20 years!!!)

The Comb


The Akron Compilation (Sleeve)


A Christmas Record (1981) (UK/US) (UK no. = Ze ILPS 7017)
Christmas Wrapping

Note that two versions of this LP were issued, one year apart with slightly different track listings - Christmas Wrapping appeared on both versions.

Ze Christmas Album (Sleeve)
Just Can't Get Enough; New Wave Hits Of The 80's, Vol 5 (US) (Rhino 8122-716982)
I Know What Boys Like-The Waitresses
Just Cant Enough (Sleeve)
Tube Tunes, Volume 2-The 70s & 80s (US) (Rhino 8122-719112)
Square Pegs
Tube Tunes (Sleeve)

Alterno-Daze: 80's Survival Of The Fittest (1995) (US) (Rebound Records/Polygram Special Markets 314 520 324-2)
I Know What Boys Like

Best of 80's Rock Volume 3 (1994) (US) (Priority Records 53795)
I Know What Boys Like
I Know What Boys Like! Great Girl Pop Hits of the 80's & 90's (US) (Beloved Recordings SH5713)
I Know What Boys Like
Great Girl Pop Hits (Sleeve)