A Collection Of Outtakes & Obscuriosities

This album is no longer available for download. Sorry. It will be available again either as a download or as part of a larger collection. The information will be here when we have more news.

Here's the full track listing (with notes by Chris Butler):

1. THE COMB – live recording from ’78 or ‘79/JB’s Kent, Ohio.  Tin Huey would do an encore by putting on WAITRESSES UNITE! t-shirts (an ironic comment since the band was imaginary), and back up Patty and I.

2. BRUISEOLOGY – the original version Hugh Padgham recorded and mixed at The Townhouse & The Manor, UK, w/ Tracy Wormworth on lead vocals.  We were up against a deadline because Hugh had to go record The Police, so we were working ‘round the clock.  The pressure was too much for Patty, so she split…and Tracy graciously stepped into the breach.  A remix w/ Patty back on vocals made it to the album, but in my opinion…this version is the keeper.

3. ASTRONETTES – an ‘instant’ song recorded at Bushflow, Akron (Tin Huey’s studio) during a trip back home in late ‘79/early ’80. Features members of Unit 5: Paul Teagle–keys, Ron Nelson–tenor sax, Mark Jendrisak–bass, Bob Ethington–drums, plus Patty Donahue, Laura Ruth (where is she these days?) & Becky Price on backing vocals.

4. HEAT NIGHT – this is Tin Huey’s ‘79 demo version for our never-to-be–made-let-alone-released 2nd album. Michael Aylward–guitar, Harvey Gold–keys/vocals, Stuart Austin-drums, Ralph Carney-reeds, CB-guitar/vocals. Carried over to The Waitresses era, it made it to our first album.  Recorded & mixed at Bushflow under every possible chemical influence available, the song describes a hot August night in Kent, OH when the girls go nuts.

5. THE COMB –this studio version was used on Stiff’s Akron compilation. The album (in typical Stiff marketing hyperbole) had a Scratch ‘N’ Sniff tire…er…tyre  on the sleeve that smelled like burnt rubber.  Liam Sternberg–2nd guitar, Galen Studebaker–drums, Rick Dailey–piano.

6. HANGOVER 1/1/83  - another ‘instant’ song in the lost tradition of throwaway B-sides…in this case, for a UK ‘Christmas Wrapping’ single.  Rick Dailey’s basement studio again (there‘s no better snare sound than from an Akron cellar!)…and I detuned his guitar as he was playing it.  The bass line is triple-tracked, and Mars added his reeds later w/ Mark Mandlebaum (our soundman) engineering.  Always liked this thing…

7. WISE UP – original 4-track analog demo.  Percussion, whip tube & $25 upright bass done at Bushflow, the rest added in my bedroom at the DEVO apartment (103 S. Portage Path, Akron).

8. WISE UP – Tin Huey’s ‘79 demo version, same personnel, tech credits, & abused substances (well, if they don’t like the abuse…why do they stick around?) as Heat Night.

9. LUXURY - found a cassette marked “S.I.R. Rehearsal 2/6/82”.  We appear to be working on new material, but how or why we were there (a/k/a “Sorry I Rented it”), I haven’t the foggiest… we couldn’t afford that place.

10. CLONES –B-side of the first Waitresses release: a 45 single on Clone, an Akron label,  Lots of  people played and ‘mummed’ on this, but all I remember is that ‘Liam’ is Liam Sternberg, who latter wrote Walk Like An Egyptian.

11. SLIDE – A-side of the above 45.  Galen Studebaker–drums (?), Michael Aylward-slide guitar, Jack Kidney (of 15-60-75)–harp.  I was nuts about Little Feat back then, and this was my attempt at writing a Lowell George song.

12. WAIT HERE…I’LL BE RIGHT BACK (a/k/a I KNOW WHAT BOYS LIKE) – original 4-track tape demo, also recorded at the DEVO apartment.  This is the very first version.

13. BOYS LIKE –  the second demo version, now w/the nyah-nyah’s added.

14. SQUARE PEGS – 1:30 VERSION - this and the next track are the original TV themes/bumpers recorded at Motown West, LA, & written & recorded in half a day.  We later finished a longer version at Electric Lady and turned it into a proper song.  As to how  we got this gig, it’s too sordid a tale to tell here…

15. SQUARE PEGS – 1:00 VERSION – as above

– the first three tunes from The Waitresses’ first ever ‘official’ live gig on Saturday, Jan 3rd, 1981 at Little Club 57, NYC.  I’ve been erroneously telling folks our first gig was two days earlier on New Year’s Eve: not true…at least according to the notes on the source cassette.  Personnel was our original line-up:  Don Christianson–drums, Dave Hofstra-bass, Ariel Warner–backing vocals, CB-guitar, Dan Klayman–organ and Mars Williams–reeds.  That’s Mykel Board from ART (The Only Band In The World) yelling at the fade-out.